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      Free PhD positions at Matej Bel University, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia  

    Institute's preprint series

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    All Institute employees are involved in grant projects founded by VEGA. Some of them participate in international research projects financed by national and private agencies of particular countries (Portugal, Korea, New Zealand, U.S.A).

    At present, the Institute manages the following grants:

    VEGA 1/0722/08 (ending by December 2010)

    Discrete structures in algebra and geometry. Principal Investigator : Nedela

    SK-SI-01706 (FMFI APVV-06K1161),
    The Slovak-Slovenian project of bilateral cooperation, Algebraic and Topological Methods in Combinatorial Structures,
    1.1.2006 - 31.12.2007
    Principal Investigators: Škoviera, Malnič
    Deputy: Nedela

    VEGA 2/5132/26,
    Algebraic and Combinatoric Properties of Graphs, Maps, Posets and Related Structures. Principal Investigator : Nedela

    Discrete Structures Representation and their Applications. Principal Investigator : Nedela
    Final grant report(in slovak) finished: October 30th 2005


    Institute employees participating in other grants:

    1. Grendár, VEGA 1/7295/20